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Rural Ards Connecting Healthy Communities

Staff member Sandra Henderson is employed through funding from the Public Health Agency and Ards Borough Council. By way of information to the community, Ards Update is distributed to over 150 groups in the Ards Borough on a monthly basis. Support to ethnic minorities was maintained in conjunction with The Ards Inter-cultural programme which included the delivery of English language classes. Sandra is part of a team highlighting “The Heart Attack Awareness Campaign” in the Ards Borough. The aim of the campaign is to increase public awareness of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and the immediate actions to take. In partnership with Portaferry Community Collective and Ards Over 50’s Forum two health fairs with over 40 health exhibitors were coordinated in Portaferry and Ards Town. Over 300 people benefited from health information and health checks carried out on the day.

Working with Older People:

Sandra sits on the management committee of the Ards Over 50’s Forum. One of the recent projects undertaken by the Forum was a Rural Isolation Study conducted between three rural villages. Sandra also delivers health related programmes and coordinates cross community social outings between senior groups on the Peninsula.

Partnership Working:

Peace III Programme. CDRCN is represented on the Peace III Partnership which consists of the three Councils of North Down, Ards and Down District and is responsible for distributing EU assistance totalling approximately £2.7million

Community Development & Capacity Building:

Sandra provides direct community development support to a wide range of community and youth groups operating in the Ards Peninsula. The support is wide ranging from village enhancement, funding applications, implementing Community Development National Occupational Standards to planning and running projects and community festivals. In partnership with Rural Community Network 16 individuals representing 9 groups on the Ards Peninsula received OCN level 1 awards in Community Development.

Community Relations:

In partnership with the Good Relations Officer from Ards Borough Council the Community Health Development officer continues to work with representatives from the Lower Ards Community Assistance Group (Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist group) and with established community groups across the Ards Peninsula on the Ards Borough Council Bonfire Programme. This programme promotes family orientated 11th July festivities and looks at other issues such as bonfire, flag, murals, and cultural projects.


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